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Susan Cooper
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, Rebekah, Isabel, Margaret, Danielle
Who discommends: Linda, Catie

I thought it was a sweet book with a pleasant Chronicles of Narnia-like feel and a strong, though budding, romance.--Rebekah

I can't remember much of this one but I do know that I haven't read a Susan Cooper that I've disliked.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

Now I'm an old fan of the DARK IS RISING books. and I loved her more recent KING OF SHADOWS so my expectations were high. But I had real problems with this book. It' a "coming to terms with grief" book and it's *really* heavy handed. And (perhaps it was my mood) the fantasy world was too stuffed with "get out of jail card" items. And i didn't believe the romance. Grumpy. moi?--Catie (28 Jun 00)

I agree about SEAWARD being heavy-handed but I still enjoyed it. What was wrong with the romance. It was certainly slight - early stages - but I didn't find it unconvincing.--Margaret (26 Jun 00)

Margaret, re the romance in SEAWARD I think this may just be a symptom that the whole book was not working for me. Mood can have a great bearing on my reaction to these things...Catie (28 Jun 00)

One of my favourite YA romances ever. I read the covers off of my copy when I was 14 and it still stands up to re-reading.--Danielle (28 May 02)

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