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Orson Scott Card
book cover

hardcover: Del Rey April 1999

Who recommends: Lynn, Preeti, Linda, Laurie, JW
Who discommends: Danielle

Go immediately to the bookstore and buy Orson Scott Card's new book ENCHANTMENT.

It is a Sleeping Beauty story, with Russian myths like the Bear and Baba Yaga. It moves between Russia of the ninth century and modern New York. I can't even begin to describe a lot of the cool stuff in it without spoilers.

She's from then, he's from now. Cool history stuff. His mother and father are both wonderful. Baba Yaga is so scary that I'm almost afraid to type her name, (this will make more sense when you read the book.)

Trust me. Go buy this book now. --Lynn

Very good book. I've always liked stories that show us what happens after the hero rescues the princess. Do these two strangers have anything in common and can they really fall in love? This book answers the question delightfully. Not that it's a light read. There is some serious good vs. evil stuff going on here.--Preeti

I finally got to read this one and highly recommend it. I really enjoyed how both h/h got a chance to see each other's world and change their points of view and if I could change anything it would be to make Baba Yaga meet her just rewards in a more fatal way. She was scary!!--Linda

This one just didn't move me the way it should have (although Baba Yaga was fabulously evil).--Danielle

I finished this one while on vacation this week. Put me down as a recommend. Loved the plot, loved that sweetie Ivan & the prickly at first but quickly humanized Katerina, did not love the author's tendancy to blather on and on and go off into mind-numbing tangents. Or is my patience at an all-time low? Baba Yaga, however, was a top notch villainess. I could've used more of her.--Laurie (22 Aug 99)

Oh, I've been trying to read ENCHANTMENT since it's due back at the library next Monday but it's not really holding my interest. There's nothing I dislike about the story yet but it also hasn't sucked my in willy-nilly like DAUGHTER OF THE BLOOD.--Isabel (1 Oct 99)

The author has an annoying and boring tendency for mind-numbing ramblings. I did a lot of skimming while reading this one but underneath it all was a great story with some laugh out loud funny moments. I wouldn't recommend anyone shell out the bucks for the hardback though.--Laurie (1 Oct 99)

I also enjoyed this retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" quite a bit, even if it did take a great deal of the sweetness & light out of the fairy tale. :-) --JW (24 Jan 01)

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