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Rachel Caine
book cover

Weather Warden Book 4
2005, Nov, Roc
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Who recommends: Preeti
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WINDFALL is another exciting entry in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series. I didn't remember where we'd left off in the third book, but WINDFALL did a good job of not confusing me.

Our heroine, Joanne Baldwin, is no longer an official Weather Warden. She's not allowed to use her powers, what little she has left, or the Wardens will lobotomize them out of her. Her lover, the genie David, is turning into an evil ifrit. She's doing degrading (but comical) work as a weathergirl at a Florida TV station. And per usual, everyone seems out to kill her for one reason or another.

I do find it unbelievable that a lot of people want to kill Joanne a lot of times, but somehow they never do when they get the chance. Sure she gets physically injured and even killed once in the series, but too often she's inexplicably spared. But I guess it keeps the intensity of the book high.

There's big changes afoot in the existing order of Wardens and djinns, and Joanne gets drawn into the middle of events. Not surprising as Caine has Joanne connected to all the power players in this magical world.

Aside: I can't seem to keep track of Joanne's motivation for either enslaving or freeing David over the course of the series. I just shrug and figure Caine's need for plot expediency is showing more than it should.

Overall, the fast pace, intense emotion, cool magics, and a sense of hurtling momentum toward some planet-sized conclusion to the overarching story are keeping me a fan of the Weather Warden series. I continue to enjoy Joanne's girly-girl yet kick-ass nature. I love the tortured romance Joanne has with David and am still really curious as to where Caine is eventually going with the character of Lewis, the uber-powerful Warden with whom Joanne's life seems linked somehow.

I'm very much looking forward to FIRESTORM, which is due out in fall 2006. Anyone want to guess where Caine's heading with the series? --Preeti (11 Nov 05)

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