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Patricia Briggs
book cover

Book 2
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Who recommends: Barbara, Edith, Shelley, Lori, Lynn, JW, Rebekah, Kathleen, Isabel, Margaret, Julie
Who discommends:

Read this one this weekend and can also recommend it. I couldn't resist the cover blurb:
Some girls have all the luck.

She's an ex-slave asked to go back and pretend she's a slave again to prevent the murder of a powerful lord. The payoff is a possible end to slavery in that country. The risk is that she might end up a slave again permanently. The hero is a healer and a ????. He says he's not a wizard but he has extraordinary healing powers. What is he? Good adventure, likable characters, low-key romance. Put me in the recommend column.--Edith

Another good one from Briggs. The romance is strong and believable, the many magical systems juggled well, and the plot fast-paced and the right level of complexity for a Friday evening. I was disappointed, though, that the "consummation scene" of the romance, so to speak, took place mostly off screen. (There could have been some interesting... action there with her empathy and their bond ... Hmm. :)) The book ended with the story's initial and primary conflict resolved, but a much larger one discovered and un-dealt with. Perhaps a sequel? This one was set in the same world, and just a little while after, Brigg's MASQUES.--Rebekah

*Sob*, I finished the last Briggs. Now I'll have to wait until she publishes another book! Thoroughly enjoyed it even if I could have wished for a little more emphasis on the relationship. That's my main complaint about Briggs - I would love to read more of the interaction between her heroes and heroines.--Isabel (14 Feb 00)

Also light and enjoyable. The romance was more overt than in the previous book.--Margaret (09 Mar 00)

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