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Patricia Briggs
book cover

Book 3

Who recommends: Barbara, Linda, Shelley, Lori, JW, Edith, Julie, Danielle, Kathleen, Isabel, Rebekah, Margaret
Who discommends:

Liked it - liked it a lot - just short of loved it. Really good heroine, same as in STEAL THE DRAGON. Throws you right into the action and you meet the hero right off. Nice plotting that has a mystery in it . Good fantasy elements.

No mushy stuff - although she kisses him a couple of times - but she's playing his mistress and there's some very well done tension. Great promise for a sequel. --Barbara

I read WHEN DEMONS WALK this weekend. What a thoroughly fun book. Her three books have very different flavors IMO. This one had much less angst than the other two. I think Barb said that the ending seemed a setup for a series. I don't think so, but I wish! Wouldn't it be great to see one where she gives us followups on all three couples?

I think Lori very much puts her finger on what I like about her books --the characters take center stage.--Edith

If you like tough smart-mouth heroines like Anita Blake you'll like this one. This is a fantasy book (no vampires) but does have a very frightening demon in it and lots of action. There is a subtle romance in it though it wasn't satisfactoraly tied up at the end and from a few comments it sounds like maybe they might have another book. The heroine is a sorceress thief who is hired by the hero to help find a serial killer. He and his people are actually enemies of hers but it will give her the opportunity to obtain revenge for the death of her mentor who was also killed by the same killer (who is actually a demon.) Excellent book.--Linda

I've become a big Briggs fan and although I wish we could see more of the characters in each book, part of me is relieved that she isn't writing...ugh...trilogies. I do like the fact that each book is a complete, distinct entity.--Edith

Another definite recommend. Despite the demon, it's a light-hearted, fun book, and I always enjoy a well-done "noble thief" character. Now I have to search out Briggs' others.--Danielle

I've read this several times now--the scenes where the heroine, in her "mistress" garb, plasters herself all over the hero are great.--Kathleen

Also read WHEN DEMONS WALK last night. I really liked the book. The attraction between the hero and heroine seemed real to me although I could have done with a little more of the romance. The scenes where our heroine played at being the bubble headed mistress were wonderful! I even felt rather sorry for the demon. Definitely a recommend. Now I really want to read her other books--Isabel (09 Sep 99)

Another good one from Briggs. A fast-paced, compelling action Fantasy that sucked me right in. Likeable, memorable characters with a strong supporting cast. But Briggs also did her usual thing of making the final "get-together" scene with the h/h much too short and really just hinted at.--Rebekah (30 Sep 99)

I found this one funnier than the others but it had even less romance. All these books are set in the same universe but at different times. The h/h never reappear nor do we hear anything more about them, which is a pity.--Margaret (09 Mar 00)

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