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Gillian Bradshaw
book cover

2001, August, Forge hardcover
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Who recommends: Linda, Julie, JW
Who discommends:

This is based on one of the Lais (whatever that is) by Marie de France. Its beautifully written and I loved the plot and characters and romance in it. The heroine Marie Penthievre is tricked into accompanying some knights that a sent to bring her to Duke Roberts household as his ward since the heir, her brother had died. She was in a convent. Though it turns out they are really bring her to Duke Hoel. There has been a long dispute on who they feel should have the property she is heir too.

While a bit young and naive to start with she is also brave and feel honorbound to stand by her father's pledge of service to Robert of Normandy. During an escape, she narrowly escapes ravishment but is saved by the hero, Tiarnan of Talensar. She ends up not having it bad with Duke Hoel. He wants her to marry one of his men but gives her and choice and won't force it. Her only temptation would be Tiarnan, but he has just become engaged to the beautiful Lady Eline. But he has a secret he hasn't told Eline til they have married a while. He has the ability to change into a wolf. On follows a horrible betrayal whereas Tiarnan goes through a terrible ordeal..trapped in his animal form. I highly recommend it. And I could even understand Eline's horror and why she did what she did too.--Linda (17 Oct 01)

That sounds interesting. I don't know a whole lot about them, but lais were the form of the poems/stories that were being written at the time. The closest thing to a novel. ;-)--Lori (17 Oct 01)

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