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Alice Borchardt
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Legends of the Wolves Book 3

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Who recommends: Linda
Who discommends:

I highly recommend this. Its the best of the three. You get a lot more of Ragaenne (the woman that can turn into a wolf) and her husband Maeniel (the wolf that can turn human). I loved being able to see how their love had grown. Ragaenne comes into her powers in this one. There is also another entity in this book. You see him in gruesome circumstances as an enemy and I really thought he was a demon but that would be too easy. He's definitely something old and not human and can take over other humans. He seems totally evil at first but as you see his interaction with Chiara, a human woman that can hear his voice in is true form, you come to see him changing and you actually come to like him!!! That I came to enjoy this book so much says a lot as I'm really not of fan of the time of Charlemagne or having quite so much history in books.--Linda (29 Mar 01)

Thanks so much for posting this! I loved the first book but really hoped Borchardt would continue the couple's story in the 2nd book (which I still have not read). I'll have to make some time to read this.--Laurie (29 Mar 01)

Does this mean that THE WOLF KING is the sequel to Book 1? And if so, where does Book 2 fit in?--Preeti (29 Mar 01)

THE WOLF KING is definitely the sequel to THE SILVER WOLF. This is the story I've been waiting for. In THE SILVER WOLF you had Ragaenne's story. She was betrothed and met Maenielle at the end of the story. I was frustrated that I couldn't see more of them together in THE SILVER WOLF and then was extremely disappointed when Ragaenne wasn't even in the next book, NIGHT OF THE WOLF.

I tried to read the second book and just couldn't get into it. It wasn't until I read the summary of THE WOLF KING that I found out the second book, NIGHT OF THE WOLF, was a prequel to THE SILVER WOLF. It's the story of Maenielle when he is a wolf and starts turning into a man. Since Maenielle has lived a long time, it's a whole different time period. I just couldn't get into the book since it obviously didn't have a HEA. He somehow gets in lust with human females and finds himself being able to turn human and make love to them. I didn't really get far enough to give it a good chance.--Linda (30 Mar 01)

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