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Anne Bishop
book cover

Black Jewels Trilogy Book 3
1999, Roc
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Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Lori, Laurie, Isabel, Shelley
Who discommends:

sob. I lost this database record and all our deep, deep comments on the book.

Update: I managed to recover comments through May 2005 from an old computer.--Preeti (15 Oct 05)

Guess what! Despite some losses and sacrifices along the way, there is definitely an HEA for the brothers and Jaenelle. Ahh, Daemon.--Preeti (10 Jan 00)

Thank God. I'll tell you, Daemon's (how do you pronounce that?) character is one of the sexiest I've ever read. I just re-read the first two this weekend. Every scene with him and Jaenelle just gave me that Oh! reaction that the best heroes always do--half lust and half tenderness. I feel like that Bujold character who says "I want that one, Da!". I'm really having a hard time waiting for the new book.--Shelly (11 Jan 00)

So was it everything you were expecting? Did you heave a huge sigh of satisfaction when you close the book?--Isabel (11 Jan 00)

It was a very good book. The first is still my favorite simply because of the impact it had. This didn't mesmerize me quite enough that I didn't stop to mentally make comments on the writing, but the story was terrific. The best stuff is the relationship between the four main characters. Heart-stoppingly good moments there.--Preeti (11 Jan 00)

I agree with Preeti, this didn't have me quite as enthralled as the first book (but the 101F fever didn't help with my concentration) although it's still great! We *finally* have the HEA for everyone. I could have wished for a little more on Lucivar's romance but I'm not complaining. Go read it!--Isabel (15 Jan 00)

I read QUEEN OF THE DARKNESS by Anne Bishop on Friday and really loved it. It was not as gripping as DAUGHTER OF THE BLOOD, but I felt Anne Bishop did a good job of resolving everything. I would not mind finding out in other books what happened after (well, "the end" so I do not include any spoilers ). But I could happily hear the answer to that as a history lesson or legend in another novel.

One of the things I do enjoy about Anne Bishop is that although she creates really dark realities she also has flashes of humor. I really enjoy the way her characters interact with each other and the dialog. I am looking forward to THE INVISIBLE RING.--Shelley (18 Jan 00)

I didn't like the book as much as the first two, but I was expecting an awful lot. The main reason was that we'd been teased by the Daemon/Jaenelle romance for two books, so I want more of it. It was in the background far too much. And so was Lucivar's! Geez.

That aside, it was very entertaining. I wish I hadn't known about the HEA, because that made me guess a lot of plot twists in advance. That's a big disadvantage by the way of our only allowing HEA books the the database, but I digress.

Bishop continued her used of humor and I enjoyed it although sometimes it felt out of place. This is a crummy review, just some impressions. I really liked it more than it sounds, and the trilogy will remain one of my favorites.--Shelly (26 Jan 00)

I did read QUEEN OF THE DARKNESS by Anne Bishop, and enjoyed it. I was already a bit disappointed in the second, so I guess I wasn't expecting more. It worked, but I think I know what bothered me. A few minor spoilers (about direction of the trilogy) in the following paragraph:


In the first book, the characters were more in danger. After that, Jaenelle and the others don't really seem to be in the same place. Jaenelle was so powerful that, for the most part, she wasn't under any real threat. And Daemon and Lucivar were no longer slaves, even if Daemon had to escape the twisted kingdom. I guess I would have preferred to see something a bit darker, a bit edgier. Maybe some more action in Terreille, or more specifically in the courts. I guess I kind of wanted to see more of a revolution from within.--Lori (15 Apr 00)

Well, after a somewhat lackluster start the final third of Anne Bishop's QUEEN OF DARKNESS really moved me and made it worth reading. I agree with Lori's assessment, though; it was lacking in powerful action and I was expecting more. Still, the emotion and darkness in the last third and the closure to Daemon and Jaenelle's relationship made it worth a read and brought the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion for me. I'm really looking forward to see what Bishop comes up with next.--Laurie (19 Apr 00)

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