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Anne Bishop
book cover

Black Jewels Trilogy Book 2
1999, Roc
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Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Shelley, Lynn, Suzanne,Shelly, Barbara, Edith, Isabel, Laurie, Margaret, JW
Who discommends:

Put me on the loved it list for this one. It is very much the middle book of a trilogy - wraps up a lot of loose ends, moves the story line along very well, we get to meet many of the people Jaenelle used to mention visiting but that did not make appearances in the first book and we get to see the character grow and develop nicely. I am really looking forward to the last book in the trilogy - if the middle is this strong I have high hopes for the ending.--Shelley

The first book is about dysfunction. The second book in the series is nowhere near as dark. It's Jaenelle as an adolescent and it's a family-building story with nice little touches of humor. Imagine Saetan as a foster father? Also there is a lot more of Lucivar. But you will not want to read this book until QUEEN comes out in December or January or whenever.--Preeti

I loved both of these. I've always thought fallen angels were far more interesting subjects than the good angels, so I loved seeing Lucifer and his clan turned into protagonists. There were some parts that were hard to read, but I thought that Bishop dealt with some tough issues pretty well.--Shelly (31 Jul 99)

And I also finished HEIR TO THE SHADOWS by Bishop. I recommend but it desperately needs the third to make it a HEA - you know it's coming, all the groundwork is laid, but you have to wait until the third book. I found parts of it annoying - I skipped the parts with Dorothea and Hekate (or whatever). I did find the intrigue by them way too straightforward - there are much more complex characters in the main characters where you have not entirely good and certainly not entirely evil.--Barbara (13 Aug 99)

Isabel, I strongly suggest you get HEIR TO SHADOWS right away. Maybe your memory is better than mine, but when I got the second book three weeks later it took me quite a while to remember the structure of her world. It's the only book I've had time to read these last five weeks and I took a half day of vacation last week to do so. I enjoyed it more than the first book. It's much lighter and I really enjoyed seeing more of Lucivar. My guess is that he will fall for Surreal. There are no other major female characters for him. And I will be *very* disappointed if he doesn't get his own honey!

I am a total chicken-heart so it's a tribute to Anne Bishop's skill as a writer that she was able to make me read these books and wait anxiously for the next. Her talent really needs to be encouraged. I haven't decided if these books are keepers for me yet, but I am definitely thinking of buying them new to boost her sales numbers and keep her writing.--Edith (27 Sep 99)

HEIR TO THE SHADOWS was great. Maybe not quite as enthralling as DAUGHTER OF THE BLOOD but I thoroughly enjoyed spending more time with Jaenelle, Lucivar and Saetan in a slightly happier atmosphere - not that anything comes close to sweetness and light. I wish we could have seen a little more of Daemon but the interaction with Jaenelle and Lucivar *almost* made up for this lack. I'm with whoever said that Lucivar needs his own HEA and I think Karla is a good bet. Where is the third book? I need it *now*!!! I really can't believe how much I love these books, they're not my normal type of reading at all. My advice is - don't start this series until you have the last book in your hands!--Isabel (21 Oct 99)

Started Anne Bishop's HEIR TO THE SHADOWS this weekend and am glad I didn't space reading these books out longer than a few months because there were a lot of characters to keep track of. Amazingly (due to the writer's skill?) I was able to piece everything back together pretty quickly and the story really took off. I think I even enjoyed this one more than DAUGHTER OF THE BLOOD -- probably due to its lighter tone and the advancement of the complicated relationships between the characters. I love the way Bishop sneaks in those touching, nearly tear inducing moments at the most unexpected of times. Does anyone else find the Kindred as fascinating as I? A terrific read, though it still has too many characters for my personal tastes and that Heketah has really become an annoying nuisance whose ploys were predictably doomed to fail. I also hope the final book includes a map!--Laurie (06 Dec 99)

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