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Catherine Asaro
book cover

Skolian Empire Book 2
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Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Edith, Lori, Barbara, Robin, Laurie, Linda, Lynn, Danielle, Kathleen, Isabel, Suzanne, Rebekah, Leila, Shelly, Margaret, Robin
Who discommends:

I loved it - except for the large chunks of technical info. that boggled my brain but I mostly skimmed them & don't think I missed anything of importance to the plot. The characters were real and easy to like and I had a blast reading it.--Laurie

It is, I think, an almost perfect example of a science fiction romance.--JW

So far, this is my favorite of Asaro's, probably because the heroine ends up rescuing the hero.--Kathleen

I have to read the rest of Asaro's work but this is my favourite so far. Great story.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

A good hard science space opera. The beginning third really threw me, being not at all what I expected from the back blurb. I would have liked the book to be a bit longer (you never thought you would hear me say that, did you?) -- especially the last two-thirds of the book where events seemed too compressed and too many issues unanswered. I'd also like to see more of the two main characters.

Plot teaser:
A young girl from an Earth just a little skewed from our own finds herself helping a compelling but frightening man. She soon discovers this part-machine man is from the far future and he awakens her own potent telepathic abilities. Strongly bonded with him, she is travels with him into the future to the interstellar Skolian Empire, where she becomes embroiled in a murderous plot to bring down the Empire.--Rebekah (14 Sep 99)

I just read Catherine Asaro's CATCH THE LIGHTNING and really enjoyed it. It's the second book in her Skolian empire universe, and is about the youngest of a dying race of space pilots crashing onto 20th century Earth, finding a Mayan girl with similar psi abilities, falling in love and then together saving the future of their race (because he's of Mayan descent too).

I was really surprise by the hard SF content. The first couple of chapters online don't do justice to what the book is like. I thought from those the book would be low brow space opera but it was quite a bit more than that. I mean, it was space opera and there was a strong romance, but she throws a lot of genetics, quantum mechanics and particle physics your way too. At times, the scientific explanations were beyond me, but what I understood was really interesting..--Shelly (13 Nov 99)

This was the first of Asaro's books that I read and I enjoyed it. The second time I read it was after I'd read the others in the series and it didn't seem to fit in.--Margaret (09 Mar 00)

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