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Catherine Asaro
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Skolian Empire Book 3
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Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Robin, Laurie, JW, Lynn, Danielle, Suzanne, Shelly, Margaret
Who discommends: Barbara

I just finished THE LAST HAWK and agree it was extremely different than the other two books. Whew, was it ever heartbreaking. Put me down as recommending it although I wasn't thrilled with the huge cast of secondary characters that I couldn't keep straight in my head because I had to keep putting the book down. It's a book that should pretty much be read in one or two sittings if your memory is as poor as mine ;-) It sure put me through the emotional wringer.--Laurie

I recommend this one. It's the only book I've read of hers and I picked it up as a trial. I honestly didn't think I'd like it, but then I couldn't put it down. I expected a typical reverse society story without much thought put into it, and got a truly original world with a lot of romance thrown in. I liked the game's tie-in to quantum mechanics and genetics too. Good SF.--Shelly

Recommend with reservations. I thought she did a good job with the matriarchal society but felt uneasy all the way through the book.--Margaret (09 Mar 00)

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