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01/31/2006 Entry: "Two fuzzy fun reads (Margaret)"

A Business of Ferrets

Looking for something light and fun? Try these books by Beth Hilgartner - one about animals and one about people named for animals.

A BUSINESS OF FERRETS by Beth Hilgartner

I read Beth Hilgartner's A BUSINESS OF FERRETS and CATS IN CYBERSPACE. Both very good. A BUSINESS OF FERRETS is YA fantasy that moves between Ferret, an apprentice thief, and her friends in the slums and the Court. Ferret et al get involved in complicated court conspiracies when Owl, a beggar boy, is taken by a slaver and sold to a member of court who has plans to control the throne and intends to use owl to further these. There are a couple of romances, one so low-key I didn't notice it until near the end. There are good guys, bad guys, in-between guys, priests, priestesses, a goddess, foreign mercenaries, an idealistic king of unknown potential, mobs, gangs. --Margaret


Cats in Cyberspace

CATS IN CYBERSPACE by Beth Hilgartner

CATS IN CYBERSPACE could be summed up by "on the internet no-one knows you're a cat". Fluffy, the narrator, and the psychotic PKP are annoyed because their Two-legs, who used to work at home and provide all day care to their cats, now have jobs that take them from home. The cats would like to return to the previous arrangement but don't know how until Dana brings a laptop and modem home. Fluffy and PKP soon work out how to use the internet and start playing the stock market using money they "borrow" from Dana's account. They quickly make enough to repay Dana but realise the need for their own online identities and banking facilities. Making money turns out to be easy but there are complications - how do you get pizzas delivered when you can't open the door? And how do you get $500,000 to your Two-legs without their knowing their cats are responsible? --Margaret


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