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01/23/2006 Entry: "ACADEM'S FURY by Jim Butcher -- As good as the first! (Linda)"

Furies of Calderon

This is book 2 of the "Codex Alera", sequel to FURIES OF CALDERON. Tavi has grown into a young man and is now going through academic studies and secret training to be a cursor while working as a page to the First Lord of Alera. The political atmosphere continues to be in turmoil as the ascension is still up in the air with no heir available if the First Lord dies. But there is a lot more to worry about than the well being of Alera...there is a threat to all life. Dorogo and his daughter, Kitai, have discovered the destruction of the wax forest. Something awoke when Tavi and Kitai were fighting for their life there, in the last book, and it has left a dead forest behind them. Dorogo and a large legion of Marats track it down and recognize it as an old enemy that they call an Abomination before the one. They had battled it before and barely survived as a species. The Abomination or Vord must be destroyed early or they will multiply and be too late.

Tavi's Aunt Isana has been called to court to be presented as the first female steadholder, yet another move by the First Lord, meant to divide his enemies, which has put her into danger. But she has to go and get help from the King. But unknowingly the crown is in a crisis that only Tavi and a few loyal friends can prevent from turning into a total civil war and there is no one to help!

This was as good as the first book!! I did not want to put it down...great characters, romantic, a real threat with lots of action to keep you on the edge of your seat. A high recommend. This doesn't leave you with a cliffhanger but its not over. --Linda

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