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02/26/2003 Entry: "Holly Black's TITHE -- Isabel's impressions"

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I finished TITHE. Lovely story and I think I'm in love with Roiben.

I really enjoyed this book, but my mind is such a sieve lately that I doubt I would be very coherent in analyzing the whys and wherefores of my enjoyment. So impressions.... the girl (whose name slips my mind) was interesting enough but not the high point of the book for me. I found Roiben fascinating and wish Black had delved into his experiences more that she did. I can see why he found what's-her-face's courage and loyalty irresistible but I would have preferred to see the romance developed a little more. But the romance is there and this is a YA book.... It's a very fast read and I even stayed up to read it in one night (highly unusual for me nowadays) but I wanted a little more....

If you have the book, go read it. If I can finish it in one night while suffering from reader's block then you can too :)--Isabel


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