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02/19/2003 Entry: "Tor Romance lays out guidelines"

Tor editor Anna Genoese has released the guidelines for submissions to the new Tor Paranormal Romance imprint. Looks promising ...

Proposal Guidelines for TOR ROMANCE

Tor Books is actively seeking well-written novel-length stories, focusing on both plot and character development. All submissions, no matter which of the following subcategories they fall into, must include paranormal elements (emphasis Genoese).

These are the subcategories we are looking for under the general heading of "paranormal romance":
(a) plausible science fiction
(b) fantasy
(c) horror / otherworldly beings (i.e., vampires, goblins, faeries, ghosts, banshees, skinwalkers, zombies, golem, etc.)
(d) near-future / speculative fiction
(e) non-standard time travel

As Tor Books is an award-winning, world-renowed science fiction and fantasy publisher, please be advised that submissions in those areas will be held to our usual standards for plausibility, world-building, character development, and the various elements that comprise these genres.

We are not looking for:
(a) fluffy comedies
(b) inspirational religious
(c) traditional/typical stories in which a ghost or an angel falls in love with a human (or vice versa); if you plan on using this plot, please come at it from a fresh and original angle
(d) traditional/category romance

Each novel should include at least two main plot elements: one, the romance and the conflict inherent in that; two, another significant conflict. Both storylines should be crucial to the overall novel, and the romantic elements should make up no more than half the entire story.

We are open to non-traditional romances (i.e., multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-spiritual, homosexual, etc.), as well as traditional ones. We are open to very erotic works as well as less graphic ones; in any work the sex and romance should be believable and rational and well-suited to the story.

From the Tor site

Length: between 80,000 and 150,000 words.

We are primarily looking for original novels, but will consider works which have been self-published or e-published. While we are not actively seeking backlist at this time, we will look at backlist on a case-by-case basis from authors with whom we are buying new material.


Both agented and unagented submissions are acceptable. If you have an agent, please have your agent submit your work.

If your work is 100,000 words or less, please submit the first three chapters; if your work is longer than 100,000 words, please submit the first sixty pages to the nearest chapter break. All submissions should be accompanied by a 1-2 page synopsis and a cover letter stating any awards you have won and all previous publications (and your sales history, if you have it), as well as the genre of your work.

Submissions send via post should be in 12-point standard serif typeface and double-spaced. You may submit via email attachment in Microsoft Word document, RTF, or text format only. If you are submitting via post you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope. In the event your work is not right for us and if you would like your manuscript pages returned, your envelope must be big enough to fit them. All rejected manuscripts not returned to their owners will be recycled.

Please submit only one work per email/envelope. If you are submitting a series, submit only the first book in the series according to the above guidelines, and include a 1-2 page synopsis for each following book as well.

We do not accept query letters, simultaneous submissions, or phone pitches. Do not call to ask if we want to see your book.

Our turnaround time is currently approximately two weeks to four months. If you do not hear from us within four months of your submission date, please feel free to send an email (include in this email your full name and the title of your submitted work). We assure you that a person well-versed in romance and other genre fiction will examine your work, however there is not always time to respond personally to every manuscript.

Anna Genoese
Tor Paranormal Romance
Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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