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N. Lee Wood
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Barbara, Lynn, Edith, Kathleen, Danielle, Tanya, Leila
Who discommends:

I read LOOKING FOR THE MAHDI by N. Lee Wood. A long book and took me a long time to get through. I found it fascinating and couldn't put it down except to finally get to sleep. Fascinating characters who have their failings - the romance is almost an integral part of the story and used to show character development in a way.

Told in first person so we get limited POV. Big, big warning! I like those action thriller videos that guys like--even the bad ones. While a SF book, there is heavy spy/double cross stuff and twists in the plot that kept me going. Lots of action and running through dark alleys and escaping over the border. If your favorites are fantasies and you hate the political intrigues, skip this one.

Not a keeper, I think I got everything I wanted to out of it, but I really enjoyed it. Very complex situation and story told superbly.--Barbara

I don't usually like politics-heavy SF, but this book is outstanding.--Kathleen

Very enjoyable. John was great (how can you not love a hero who reads romance novels? <g>) and K.B. was pleasingly obnoxious. I did say I liked arrogant characters :-)

The political stuff mostly bored me, so I skimmed those bits. I'd recommend it.--Danielle

It's OK: Can't discommend, because it had some nice ideas and was well-written, but I didn't especially like it and probably won't reread it.--Tanya (19 Oct 00)

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