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Connie Willis & Cynthia Felice
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Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Edith, Julie, Lynn, Shelley, Isabel, Shelly, Tanya
Who discommends:

Just received this book, started it right away, and finished it yesterday. I liked it, liked it a xlot in fact.

I think this book read much like a "sweet" romance, set in a sci-fi setting. There didn't seem to be much real story plot to it outside of the relationship and some character development. I remembered a few comments about the heroine being "too bitchy." I'll admit she was bitchy at first--but you know I think I sympathized with her. She was kind of hoodwinked into the marriage & she had to overcome her feelings of not being in control of her destiny. She ended up wanting to stay for herself and love; not because she should. I liked that.

A couple things bothered me about the book. Since I don't read that much sci/fi the setting of the story (different planet, no clue as to the year, the references to the strange food & animals) occasionally threw me out of the story. I also got a little tired of her pet scarab; made me think I was reading a "baby" story occasionally since there was alot of story around it.

But overall it was a good read. It was interesting enough that I read it all the way through. I usually don't do that. I always have more than one book going and it does say alot to me if I read one straight through, without switching back and forth.--Julie

I was the one who thought she was a tad too bitchy. I couldn't see how the hero's love for her could survive the really nasty things she said to him and the unkind way she treated him. I absolutely understood where she was coming from and would have been just as nasty. I just didn't think it was credible that he would be that understanding, being on the receiving end. I can tolerate a lot when it's done to someone else<g>. When it's directed at me, watch out!

I also thought that the hero's family wouldn't have put up with so much cr*p from her mother. Other, than that, yes, I would very much characterize this as a sweet romance.--Edith

I agree with the comments about the heroine in the beginning. This was quite definitely a romance set in a foreign world with strange customs, ways you had to adjust to the land, different ways of doing things very similar to outback Australia in pattern. Minor subplots which moved the action with still enough tension to keep reading to see how it all resolves in the end.--Barbara

I really liked the story despite (as someone mentioned in the database) Delanna being rather nasty to everyone around her. I think she was entitled!--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

This one surprised me too. I got it by accident from the SFBC and never got around to sending it back, so I finally decided to read it. I knew Willis for her good SF but the romance was totally unexpected. This is what futurist romances should be, not Jayne Castle/Krentz's books (although I read those too out of desperation). Hopefully now I'll have enough good book recommendations to keep me busy.--Shelly (31 Jul 99)

I wasn't quite so keen on this, but it was good fun ... Recommend.--Tanya (19 Oct 00)

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