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Kim Wilkins
book cover

2005, March, Aspect
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An original fantasy set in modern day Berlin, this book encompasses a large array of emotions: love, friendship, wonder, betrayal, sacrifice and horror. Christine Starlight and her artist lover, Jude, have joined four other winners of the Zweigler fellowship sponsored by renowned artist Mandy Zweigler. They're staying for one year at the Hotel Mandy Z. in Germany.

While their sponsor is slightly repulsive and strange, they have no idea of his more sinister side and his obsessive unreasonable hatred of faeries. But then they have no idea that such beings exist.

But now Christine's tragic past is about to catch up with her. The "Real World" and the world of faery are the closest they've come in years, which means the bond between Christine and her childhood friend, May, who had been kidnapped many years ago into the faery world, is going to make it possible for these old friends to meet. May is now Queen Mayfridth of Ewigkrus.

With their renewed friendship, May will introduce the wonders of her world to Christine, a world free of the chronic pain Christine has suffered for years. A world of simple people and small magics. But she'll also bring heartbreak and unwittingly, danger.

I loved this book and give it a high recommend. The plot is very unusual and interesting and continues to grow and surprise you and ultimately have you on the edge of your seat. Christine has had a very tragic life but has coped with it well. I could really relate to her. Jude and his friends were unusual and very much had the artistic temperaments.

Eisengrimm, Queen Mayfridth's advisor was one of my favorite characters. He's a creature that can shapeshift only as a wolf, crow, fox or bear, and is so loyal and intelligent. Mandy and Hexebart, the witch, were quite shockingly cruel. The whole world of faery and the faery themselves are totally different than any other book I've read. I loved the differences and the reasons for some of them. And it was romantic though many will be surprised at the end. There is a lot of great surprises in store as I've only given the bare bones of the story.

I'm definitely going to buy her next one, GIANTS OF THE FROST, the excerpt is in the back of the book and also sounds romantic. :)--Linda (23 Aug 05)

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