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S.L. Viehl
book cover

Book 5 of Stardoc
2002, September, Roc
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Who recommends: Linda, Shelley
Who discommends:

Cherijo's story continues as she tries to face the challenges of being a doctor, wife, mother, and Jorenian clan member. Cherijo's daughter, Marel, is quite the precocious toddler and seems to have a knack (or more??) of escaping her guardians and turning up in the most unexpected places. Baby blues seem to be the theme in the first half with even Squib getting yearnings to find a mate and have his own baby. Between accidents, Marel, family politics, and alien attacks, things keep busy. And that isn't counting the fact that Cherijo's keeping her promises by taking Hawk to his homeworld to find his father, taking Dhreen home to cure his people, and finding some answers at Maggie's (her mysterious former caretaker and invader of dreams) planet.

I recommend this book, though my enjoyment was a little more uneven than in the other books of this series. I didn't care for the visit to Hawk's planet and, well, the planet or inhabitants. Hawk was the half human/half alien with wings from her last book. I liked him a lot and had high hopes for this visit. So I was disappointed in that part, but then the story once more improved with some surprises and things tied together in ways I wasn't expecting. And if there were a few people who occasionally irritated me, they were offset by Squib's romance, Marel's interactions with people, meeting a Hsktskt commander and friend of Duncan's, and other surprises. There's always something happening.<g> I'm looking forward to the next installment!! :-)--Linda (4 Sep 02)

I also enjoyed this book and recommend it. I especially enjoyed Cherijo and Duncan's work on their relationship. I was also disappointed in Hawk's father's homeworld, but really enjoyed the rest of the book.--Shelley (4 Sep 02)

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