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Delia Marshall Turner

Book 1

Who recommends: JW, Julie, Lori, Preeti, Edith, Barbara, Shelley, Linda, Lynn, Danielle, Rebekah, Kathleen, Isabel, Tanya, Catie
Who discommends: Robin

I'm enjoying the breeziness of the heroine's style. This style, along with the first person POV, makes me understand why Julie compares NAMELESS MAGERY with Doris Egan's Ivory books.--Preeti

I liked this book, but I wanted to like it more. Many fascinating concepts with the mixture of hard Science Fiction and high Fantasy themes, and I really enjoyed the main character and the multiple side ones. But the book somehow seemed sketchy, kind of like the first run through of a novel but never going back to fill it out. I also found the Lisane's final love choice hard to believe/swallow. There was just something missing, like the author knew and understood the relationships so well in her head that she forgot to put it on the actual paper. A mild recommendation and I'm planning on reading her 2nd one next.--Rebekah

I first picked this up, put it down, and then finally read it through only after reading OF SWORDS AND SPELLS (which I liked a lot) and recognizing that some of the characters overlap. Enjoyable, but I recommend reading the other book first for the background on Enforcers, etc.--Kathleen

I finished both NAMELESS MAGERY and OF SWORDS AND SPELLS last night. Of the two of them, I prefer NAMELESS MAGERY although I cannot buy into the romance between Kaihan and Lisanne. There just wasn't enough there for me to understand what they saw in each other apart from lust and novelty (of course, there's also that huge age gap...). Aside from that minor point, I did enjoy the book mainly because I liked Lisanne.--Isabel (26 Aug 99)

I liked this a lot more than I expected to. Sure, it's lightweight, and I can see the problems that others have pointed out in the romance (but as someone who married a man twice her age at 18 I can tell you that it feels real while you're in it). I really like the treatment of magic though. Once again it's a language thing; I liked the terminology used to lle and the personalised relationship that Lisane has with ller.--Catie (27 Oct 99)

I also have found myself rereading the Delia Marshall Turner books - NAMELESS MAGERY and OF SPELLS AND SWORDS. For some reason I found NM much funnier on a second read. I think the first time I was too caught up in the action. Does anyone know what happened to her? Two books and then nothing.--Shelley (9 May 02)

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