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Karen E. Taylor
book cover

Book 1

Who recommends: Barbara, Lori, Julie, Robin
Who discommends: Shelley, Linda

He's a cop, she's a vampire, so what's the problem? How about he has angst when he discovers what she does for a living? How about his son falls in love with her? How about they argue, make up, fight crime, and he finally accepts her, fangs and all. And while I described it somewhat flippantly, the personal dynamics of the story are riveting.--Barbara

I also read Karen Taylor's BLOOD SECRET. Actually, I should say reread - I realized after getting about 2 chapters in that I had read it before. The fact that I found it that forgettable even though the covers are the same just about says it all for my reaction to the book. I am going to start the second one and see if the series grows on me, but I did not care for the first one. My major problem was that I could not believe she could be so clueless about Max - it kept interupting my suspension of disbelief.--Shelley

If I had read BLOOD SECRETS when it first came out, and if there weren't so many other good vampire romance novels, I wonder if I'd have liked it more. I didn't care for BLOOD SECRETS at all. One reason was that the love story was unbelievable to me. The heroine knows the hero probably all of a few days and yet both are supposedly in love despite knowing absolutely nothing about each other. And considering the heroine's age and experience, I would expect it to take a bit more. I also would have liked her not to have used or been used by so many victims in the past for sex . I don't usually hold that against someone but considering her age...that's a lot of men.<g> And, also, when she gets to the bite part of seducing her victim, it is always so much more violent than in most of my vampire books. I guess I'm spoiled. I know I have actually fallen and believed in the love/lust at first sight in some other books (e.g.- Linda Howard books) but this one didn't convince me. So discommend for BLOOD SECRETS.--Linda (18 Nov 01)

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