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L.J. Smith

Night World Series Book 02

Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Shelley, Tanya, Linda, Isabel, Laurie
Who discommends:

You met Ash, a not so nice vampire in SECRET VAMPIRE. Now Ash has his comeuppance in...DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS. Once again I'm totally surprised at how good this book is. Ash's three sisters have escaped from a safe island (a place that consists of only Night World people that follow the old laws) to join their aunt in the human world. They want to get to know humans and be good vampires and be free, but end up finding their aunt dead on arrival with a stake in her heart.

Mary-Lynnete Carter sees something that makes her suspect the sisters, her brother Mark falls in love with Jade (one of the sisters), and bad bad Ash comes to take his sisters home before the rest of the NightWorld finds out and hunts them. Unfortunately for him he immediately realizes that Mary-Lynnete is his soulmate. But she's a human, or as he calls them, vermin. Neither are happy with the uncontrollable feelings they have when near each other and Mary-Lynnete gets quite violent with him at times.<g> Once more, a more emotional read than I expected with mystery and danger involved. You definitely should read these in order because you meet characters that will appear in later books. I'm hooked. You meet a Quinn in this book who will have his own story later.--Linda (28 Sep 99)

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