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Sherwood Smith
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Crown and Court Duet Book 2
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Who recommends: JW, Edith, Rebekah, Preeti, Catie, Danielle, Margaret
Who discommends:

Read this in one sitting. This one takes the same characters from the battle-field and into the perhaps more dangerous Royal Court. The characters, especially the narrator, are full-fleshed. Once again Smith creates a complex but not too complex world, with grey but not too grey characters and an unabashedly happy but not simplistic ending. Sherwood Smith was one of my favorite discoveries for 98!--Rebekah

Please add me to the recommends of these books. I agree with just about all that Preeti and Edith have to say. I've been in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself for a couple of days and these made perfect comfort reading.--Catie

I read CROWN DUEL and COURT DUEL by Sherwood Smith last week and really enjoyed the pair. It's hard work writing a heroine who is naive without being stupid, but Smith manages it very well.

My only quibble, strangely enough, is that I wished the books had been written for an adult audience... that way the political intrigue could have been more fleshed out, and more made of the sexual tension in the second book. Really, when the hero is a direct descendant of characters like Lymond and Lord Peter Wimsey, it seems a shame not to take full advantage of him.--Danielle (6 Aug 02)

I finally got round to reading the Sherwood Smith "Duel" books. I enjoyed both books, the second more than the first. I think this was because the heroine was a bit irritating in the first book--mainly faults of youth. Also she spent most of the first book cold, wet, and uncomfortable, which made me feel uncomfortable too. I enjoyed the romance in the second book--I've always had a soft spot for courtship by letter.--Margaret (8 Aug 04)

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