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Sharon Shinn
book cover

2002, April, Ace trade pb

Who recommends: JW
Who discommends: Edith, Julie, Laurie

JENNA STARBORN was also enjoyable, though I don't really think Shinn added much new perspective to the original Jane Eyre story. So it was a nice read, but not all that special.--JW (5 May 02)

I've really enjoyed some of Shinn's books so it really pains me to say that I can't recommend this one -- it's only mediocre. This is Jane Eyre in the Future and I can't figure out why Shinn felt she had to retell the story which wasn't all that interesting in the first place. Her version is not any more engaging in its future setting. The heroine is one-dimensional -- honorable, good, pure, borrrrring! And the hero is a manipulative jerk. I can't figure out what they saw in each other. I'm glad to hear she's going back to Samaria for her next book.--Edith (28 May 02)

I will definitely pick up the next Shinn, although I did not really care for JENNA STARBORN. It was too unbelievable for me, too stilted, not her best.--Julie (8 Feb 03)

I tried to read Sharon Shinn's JENNA STARBORN last month but have to give it a discommend. (Can I do that on books I didn't finish?) It just didn't have that certain something that compels me to keep reading. Anyway, because I'm lazy, here are my journal notes from bookcrossing.com:

5/22/04: I ended up starting this last night and immediately fell into it. Dare I admit I haven't read JANE EYRE? There, I said it. ;) Despite that fact, I am finding the story completely fascinating, imaginative and heartwrenching.

5/31/04: I made it through 50 percent of this story before giving it up. The beginning held much promise, but somewhere around page 90 things began to rapidly slow down, and I found it very easy to put the book down. This may be my current mood (too busy to read and too stressed to relax with a book) but I'm very disappointed with myself and my inability to finish JENNA STARBORN. I loved Shinn's THE SHAPECHANGER'S WIFE, and ARCHANGEL is still one of my all-time favorites, so I'm very sad that this one just didn't have the same magic for me and that the characters just seemed a little too bland to hold my attention. :( Maybe I'll try it again at some other point in my life when things are quieter. --Laurie (31 May 04)

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