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Sharon Shinn
book cover

Samaria trilogy Book 1

Who recommends: Preeti, JW, Edith, Robin, Lori, Laurie, Julie, Linda, Julie, Lynn, Danielle, Kathleen, Isabel, Suzanne, Shelly, Barbara, Margaret
Who discommends: Tanya

Another terrific book to recommend to everyone but especially to singers.--Kathleen

Read ARCHANGEL. Hmmm, good but I'm not keeping it. Thought Gabriel a good character but ended up wanting to shake Rachel sometimes. Grow up! Then went looking for my copy of JOVAH'S ANGEL but can't locate it. And now I'm of two minds of whether to even try ALLELUIA FILES since I *do* have that one.--Barbara (03 Sep 99)

I discommend - just couldn't get into it.--Tanya (19 Oct 00)

I definitely recommend this book. I had heard that it was good so when I saw it in a ubs I grabbed it. I found the world interesting and enjoyed the romance. I liked the heroine, even when she was being unreasonable, and was pleased that she went away by herself to decide what she wanted, rather than let heself be pushed into a relationship. One problem was that I found it hard to believe that the place had been ruled by a power-crazy lunatic who had been abandoned by his god, for 20 years without anyone noticing that he was a) power-crazy, b) mad or c) unable to do miracles.--Margaret (30 Jan 01)

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