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Jane Routley
book cover

Book 3

Who recommends: Danielle
Who discommends: JW, Julie

I also got Jane Routley's ARAMAYA to review. didn't realize it was a sequel to MAGE HEART and FIRE ANGELS, which I haven't read, but it didn't matter too much. I understand that FIRE ANGELS has a romance with a HEA. If that's the case (and ARAMAYA would seem to hint at it), then this book may make romance readers a bit unhappy. One of the main plot twists is marital problems between Dion and her husband.

Truthfully, I didn't really like it.--JW

Damn whiny heroine!--Julie (13 Mar 00)

I also read all three of the Dion books, having finally tracked down FIRE ANGELS and ARAMAYA. I liked them much more than I expected to, based on some of the comments on the website. IMO, while Dion was (intentionally on the part of the author) annoying at times, she wasn't unlikable.

I would recommend reading FIRE ANGELS on its own if you're looking for a fairly traditional stand-alone SFR. The other 2 books in the series are more straight fantasy. MAGE HEART was my favourite in terms of characters and world-building, but it's almost an anti-romance, and ARAMAYA has one of those qualified possibly-HEA endings that I know drive some people on this list nuts <g>.--Danielle (27 Aug 01)

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