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Jennifer Roberson
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Who recommends: Preeti, Rebekah, Isabel, Suzanne, JW
Who discommends: Tanya

Sword-Dancer (1986)
Sword-Singer (1988)
Sword-Maker (1989)
Sword-Breaker (1991)
Sword-Born (1998)Sword-Sworn (2002)

Tiger's a genial desert-bred barbarian-type sword-for-hire, and Del is the cool intelligent woman who hires him to enact vengeance. She's a skilled swordswoman to rival Tiger, which makes for some interesting tension between the two. Their continuously developing relationship, from fast friendship to a deep love, makes me want to pick up every new volume in the series. Some heavy stuff happens to both characters in their quests and adventures, but they've been able to pull through together. Oh, almost forgot to mention, the books are narrated by Tiger in this really wry voice, which I love.--Preeti

I read the first one and liked it. Do I need to have read all five to recommend a series?--Rebekah

I've only read the first couple of books and that was a very long time ago but I seem to remember them more as pleasant reads than really memorable ones.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

I like the characters, but there's something breathless about the writing style that really put me off - possibly Tiger's way of talking to himself in disjointed sentences all the time. Also, I came in at mid-series ('Swordmaker') and while I wanted to know their backgrounds, I didn't have the enthusiasm to pay out for the previous books - even if I could have found them.--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

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