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Judith Merkle Riley
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, Julie, Edith, JW, Shelley, Catie, Isabel, Margaret
Who discommends: Barbara

Good development of character with a lot of time built on setting the world. Every time there was one step forward, it seems there were two steps back. I hate to be tormented and this book did torment me - so I found myself skipping ahead to see what was going to happen next, only to find another twist which made things seem worse, instead of better.--Barbara

Riley's THE ORACLE GLASS. Definitely a thumbs up although I'm slightly surprised by its inclusion in our database. It read like an old fashioned historical with only a touch of the occult. I enjoyed all the historical detail (something sadly missing in most historical romances nowadays) and the romance was satisfying once they *finally* got going. But our heroine deserved to be whomped on the head over all that Andre nonsense!--Isabel (19 Sep 00)

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