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Katya Reimann
book cover

Who recommends: Lori, Barbara
Who discommends: Edith

First of all, I do NOT recommend Reimann's WIND FROM A FOREIGN SKY. Guess that's why I decided today that I wasn't going to finish it even though I'm halfway through with it. First of all, the writing annoyed me. It felt choppy and disjointed. Didn't flow. Second, I didn't feel a thing for the main characters. Even though the hero shows up fairly soon in the book, even at the halfway point I still don't have any idea what kind of person he is -- does he have a sense of humor, is he kind, is he smart, is he fierce, is he short-tempered? I don't know! Sorry, but it takes more than good-looks and descent from an old, important family to make me like a hero. And the heroine struck me as immature, stupid, and annoying. I had no empathy or feeling for her.

Usually I will skim the second half of the book if I don't have any interest in finishing it. This book annoyed me so much I wasn't even willing to waste the time doing that.--Edith

And for me, I read Katya Reiman's WIND FROM A FOREIGN SKY. Hmmm, okay, but not a keeper. Set up a very interesting scenario of a geas placed on the hero to find and protect the heroine. That could have gone lots of places but the compulsion fades as the book goes on - I guess it smacked too hard of "forcing" - LMB would have made something exceptional of it. Lots of plot twists and foreign politics - lots of major/minor characters I could have done without. And about fifty pages in the middle where the plot really wasn't advancing well at all. My recommendation, read the first 150 pages, read the last 100 and you won't miss anything in the center at all--Barbara (10 Sep 99)

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