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Elizabeth Marie Pope
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Who recommends: Shelley, Preeti, Lynn, JW, Danielle, Kathleen, Catie, Isabel, Edith, Margaret
Who discommends:

The Sherwood Ring is a ghost story, sort of. A young woman comes to live with her uncle? and sees Revolutionary War ghosts, while her uncle is desperately trying to prevent her from being in contact with a present day descendant.

And how can you not love a male character named Peaceable Sherwood, (a guy) who can absolutely carry it off...--Lynn

I did my best to wear my public library's and school library's copies of this book out with my repeated readings. One of the books I recommend to everyone.--Kathleen

Please add me to the recommends for this. I love family house/ghost stories. Unusually for me, though, I often felt I wasn't getting enough of the modern story. Doesn't matter, I enjoyed the book and took quite a shine to Peacable.--Catie

Another wonderful book. I loved the ghostly romance even more than the current day one.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

Put me down as an enthusiastic "recommend". This was so different from her PERILOUS GARD that it took me by surprise. I found the characters of the ghosts *much* more interesting and involving than that of the present-day hero and heroine. But all three romances were charming and delightful. I *loved* Peacable (what a name!). This is one of those books that kept urging me to pick it up again and again to reread bits here and there.--Edith (12 Nov 99)

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