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Meredith Ann Pierce
book cover

Darkangel Trilogy, The

Who recommends: Preeti, Lori, Julie, Linda, Shelley, Kathleen, Isabel, Suzanne, Shelly, Margaret
Who discommends:

THE DARKANGEL is one of my all-time favorite books. It's a myth-atmosphered story about a girl who's given over as the latest bride to one of the vampiric darkangels. How she saves herself (and him) makes for absorbing reading.

The two sequels, about which I have reservations, are A GATHERING OF GARGOYLES and THE PEARL OF THE SOUL OF THE WORLD.--Preeti

Another repeated read for me. Also the sequel, A GATHERING OF GARGOYLES. Unfortunately, the final book of the trilogy, THE PEARL..., was a real disappointment for me--the characters deserved a HEA, but the author copped out with a bit a last-minute trickery that I HATED! I'm still mad!--Kathleen

Okay, I have VERY strong feelings about this series. I adored THE DARKANGEL and even A GATHERING OF GARGOYLES but I have seldom been as angry at an author as I was after I finally tracked down the last book and read the ending. Maybe if Pierce wrote a sequel to THE PEARL OF THE SOUL OF THE WORLD...--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

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