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Garth Nix
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Book 1

Who recommends: Rebekah, Danielle
Who discommends: Preeti, Margaret

I don't see this one in our database, but I think there's enough romance to qualify. This is a great High Fantasy about, amazingly enough, good Necromancers. A well-rounded and complex magic system and shadow world. The book is an odd but interesting mix of modern (circa 1930s or so) and magical/unexplainable. There is literally a Wall between the two zones. I enjoyed how the "modern" people tried to explain away any magic that leaked across the border. Sabriel is a wonderful, strong main character and there is a sweet believable romance. Nix is coming out with a book in October called LIREAL, anyone know anything about it? It sounds like it could be a sequel.--Rebekah (06 Aug 00)

I remember reading SABRIEL a few years ago and expressly being disappointed that there wasn't a great romantic element. Thus I'm surprised at your opinion of the book, Rebekah. I don't even care to read the sequel now.--Preeti (07 Aug 00)

While looking through the incredibly badly organised YA section at the library for Donna Jo Napoli, I came across SABRIEL. As I'd seen it mentioned on this list, I thought I'd read it. It was OK, but I didn't find it anything special. Technically speaking there is a romance but it was very perfunctory. I think that the reason the book didn't particularly grab me was that there was very little emotional involvement between any of the characters and thus I was not emotionally involved.--Margaret (15 Aug 00)

Preeti, was it you who recommended Nix's SABRIEL on this list? If so, thanks! It's not a book I probably would have chosen otherwise, but I picked up a cheap copy at the library's used bookstore and was very glad I did. It's an excellent coming-of-age fantasy - Sabriel must develop both her magical skills and her self-reliance as she attempts to rescue her father, a necromancer whose task is binding the wrongfully-risen dead, from a very sinister enemy. There is a touch of romance (although probably not enough to qualify it to go in the database). All in all a good, solid, enjoyable fantasy adventure.--Danielle (04 Apr 01)

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