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Alanna Morland


Who recommends: JW, Preeti, Lynn, Barbara, Edith, Kathleen, Julie
Who discommends:

I just finished LEOPARD LORD and recommend it. Nothing all that new about the story, but interesting, fast-paced, a good sappy romance (no sex, unfortunately, though!) and very likable tortured hero.

Varian inherits his father's ability to shapeshift, and, most unwillingly, his sire's pact with the dark god. In order to free his people from the ravages of the creature he becomes, he bargains with the evil god. The price he must pay is the woman he is to marry. What Varian didn't count on was falling in love with the brave Cathlin, but his feelings change nothing -- he must sacrifice one woman to save many...(As you wouild expect, there is a slight change in plans ...) -- JW

Well, what with one thing and another, I finally finished Leopard Lord - put me down as a recommend.

I got real irked at the beginning with the long intro - geeze, just get on with the story. And the hero and heroine meet but don't really meet with no real attraction between the two at all.

Yes, a very brooding, tortured hero, although doesn't even touch the tortured in some of the romance books. Good strong female character I empathized with.

Ah - about halfway through now - the long intro made sense and I was grateful I made it through the intro. And a great plot twist with characters rising to the occasion and doing their best in the face of all odds. Likeable secondary characters, although I thought we dwelt a bit on them to "show me" the main hero/heroine character. -- Barbara

Today I finished Alanna Morland's LEOPARD LORD and give it a mild recommendation. I think JW did a fair job of summarizing the plot, so I won't go over that again. I thought it was a nice little book. The h&h; were just a bit too perfect, but the author does have some nice humorous touches. I especially liked the bit about the were-rabbit, that would sneak up on unsuspecting farmers and viciously attack their carrots and cabbages. I miss humor in a lot of the books on our lists.--Edith

This reminded me a bit of some of Andre Norton's shapeshifter books (my favorite, YEAR OF THE UNICORN, perhaps more than her others). Another rather grim, violent world.--Kathleen

I also have Morland's SHACKLE AND SWORD, the sequel to LEOPARD LORD, and browsed the ending as usual. Has anyone read this? I think the ending will fall short of my definition of a hea and wondered whether I should bother investing the effort to read it. Now if only I had a little more time...(Isabel -- 24 Aug 99)

I just finished that one. It was an enjoyable read, but not sfr. The ending is not unhappy or tragic IMO, but the hero definitely doesn't get the girl. Even so, I enjoyed it, and there is a connection with the first book, LEOPARD LORD.--JW (25 Aug 99)

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