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Robin McKinley
book cover

Who recommends: Edith, Laurie, Lori, Julie, Rebekah, JW, Lynn, Danielle, Isabel, Suzanne, Shelly
Who discommends: Shelly

A strong powerful book of self-discovery, with a memorable heroine with a great dog. :) Also a Fairy Tale retelling, but of a more obscure story. I don't think it should be categorized as a YA, considering the definite sexual overtones, including incest.--Rebekah

Another good retelling but a little darker than the rest of her books.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

I *did* read and enjoy McKinley's Deerskin last week, though it was a very dark book. I'd have to say I prefered Beauty and The Blue Sword though.--Shelly (09 Aug 99)

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