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Patricia A. McKillip
book cover

riddlemaster book 1

Who recommends: Rebekah, Preeti, Shelley, Linda, Danielle, Catie, Edith, Isabel, Tanya, Shelly, Margaret
Who discommends:

My first copies of these books have been read to pieces. The characters are very complex and compelling. The faces of good and evil are fluid and unexpected. Morgan and Raederle are swept up into the chaos of the death of a god and the history of the land coming back to life, until they become the authors of change and clash of implacable powers. I love how both Morgan and Raederle are full characters, both driven and divided by the choices fate has forced upon them. The land and all the other people, especially the harper Deth, are beautifully drawn with the musical rich voice that McKillip has become known for. One warning: Don't read the first without the second and third at hand. The ending of the first is the ultimate cliff-hanger and the end of the second isn't much less tense. There is a definitely an hea, though you won't be able to believe it could happen before you get there.--Rebekah

A really incredible series. The language is enchanting and the story is thoroughly satisfying - what's not to love? However, one should have all three books on hand before starting the first one!--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

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