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Patricia A. McKillip
book cover

Who recommends: Preeti, Edith, Laurie, Julie, Linda, Shelley, Rebekah, Lynn, Danielle, Kathleen, Isabel, Tanya, Shelly, Margaret
Who discommends:

If I had to choose 10 fantasy books to take to a desert island Forgotten Beasts would be on the list.--Shelley

An intense, lyrical book, full of the senses-filling, flowing descriptions and memorable characters that make McKillip my all-time favorite author. A lonely woman tends to mythological creatures that have all but faded from human memory -- until she is also given custody of a royal child, and Sybil is forced into the human world of deceit, revenge, and finally love.--Rebekah

I still remember the scene where the heroine realizes she's become corrupted by power--a wonderful book.--Kathleen

Wonderful book!--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

I love McKillip's talent for having terrifying creatures - or people - seen through the eyes of someone who isn't afraid, but perhaps should be.--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

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