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Anne McCaffrey
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Who recommends: Linda, Robin, Kathleen
Who discommends: Lynn, Danielle, Isabel, Tanya, Edith

It's a sci-fi book. The heroine is a prisoner of the Catteni. They invaded Earth and took prisoners along with other captives from other races. They use them to populate unknown worlds so they can see if they're worth settling. (If any survive). The heroine and many others are dumped on such a planet along with a Catteni Prisoner. This had a great plot along with an alien romance.<g> I haven't yet ead Freedom's Promise???, the second book, though I have it. I'm almost afraid to read it because in some of her series books (except for the dragon series) I have loved her first book but none of the others.--Linda

I loved her early books, but these days she seems to be pumping them out three per year without much effort.--Danielle

I no longer remember what specifically bothered me in this book and I did read the sequel but my overall impression was not very positive. I liked the original short story better!--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

Didn't enjoy this much - it just didn't work for me. If you want to remove one book from the database, please remove the utterly frightful (imho) 'Freedom's Landing' ...--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

Ann McCaffrey - FREEDOM'S LANDING - I listened to the abridged version of this so I don't feel I can pass judgment. I found it interesting, but not absorbing or involving -- i.e. I'm not dying to read the unabridged book. I think I've read too many of her books.--Edith (01 Jan 00)

As for Anne McCaffrey; I still love some of her earlier books. I don't think I've gotten tired of her, I just think she's changed her style. Or maybe her focus. I prefer a more narrow, intimate focus, preferably on one character. All of her recent books have a lot more world building, to the detriment of the character building IMO. -- JW (02 Jan 00)

I know what you mean. I've become very cautious about reading her books anymore. Especially her series. I often find I like the first book and each additional series book gets less enjoyable. But actually I read FREEDOM'S LANDING and absolultely loved it and have all the sequels but have been afraid to read them. I'm afraid the rest will not continue to be as good like so many of hers I've read. I really don't think I could enjoy an audio book as much as a regular book especially a romance. For some reason reading the romantic parts out loud make them seem sillier to me.<g>--Linda (02 Jan 00)

The abridged audio book stank but I think I'd dislike it if I read it, too.--Edith (03 Jun 02)

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