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Adrienne Martine-Barnes
book cover

1983, Ace Science Fiction

Who recommends: Preeti, Barbara, Lynn, Lori, JW, Isabel
Who discommends:

I went bookshopping this past week and picked up lots of sf/fantasy novels that looked interesting to me. One was THE DRAGON RISES, by Adrienne Martine-Barnes. The cover said, "An Eternal Hero Plays out his Destiny on a Stage of Stars, and then on the bottom: "Defiant Romance in a Universe at War!" I mean, how could I resist, right? And, surprise, it was good!

So, THE DRAGON RISES. A blend of fantasy and science fiction space opera. The style reminded me most strongly of SHARDS OF HONOR and CONFLICT OF HONORS in that it was a spaceship/military action setting and that the romance seemed Regency/Heyer inspired.

The Dragon, an immortal warrior force reincarnated again and again throughout time (King Arthur, and many others Martine-Barnes throws at you) wakes in the mind of an Admiral of a space fleet on the verge of battle. He has only to wait for all the players in the recurring story to appear: the woman he always loves, the best friend he loves, the best friend who betrays him with this woman...Will the cycle finally be broken this time? Take a guess!--Preeti

A sort of war among the stars book. A forced marriage that turns out not to be so forced about halfway through.

Ah, yes. As far as I know, this is the only one she did that wasn't of the "Sword" series. Found the interaction between the characters very satisfying and I really was in doubt as to how it would end. Hard to figure out how the beginning fit into the story--still not sure how--but well worth keeping and re-reading for great adventure and intrigue.--Barbara

Definitely romance, and I found Martine-Barnes' style very appealing.--Lori (15 Aug 99)

This inspired me to take my copy off the shelf; I'd had it for a while, but hadn't read it yet. I liked it, but only in a mild kind of way. There was a great deal of build up involving past lives, and then nothing really was done with it. It kind of made me feel like the hero was watching someone else's life rather than living his own ...--JW (22 Aug 99)

THE DRAGON RISES was good but did someone mention that there was a sequel that will not be published? Loved the romance but too many little things were left dangling. What's with all the animals in the beginning and how does the Lion come into it all? I want more!--Isabel (09 Sep 99)

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