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Anne Logston
book cover

New series Book 2

Who recommends: Linda, Julie, Lynn, Preeti, JW, Kathleen, Rebekah
Who discommends:

Just finished reading Waterdance - Anne Logston and highly recommend it. Anyone who love Firedance will love this too. Its got it all, great plot, characters and romance.

The heroine is the daughter of Lady Kayli of Firedance. She's very different in character. She is more of a warrior and her love is her swordsmanship. She dreams of creating a new quiva which she wants to call Waterdance. But instead her plans are all ruined when she is found to have a very small magic sensitivity to water and healing. Duty then interferes.

While scouting ahead of her caravan she discovers enemy Sarcands and sees they have a captive. When she manages to rescue the prisioner and escape she is horrified to find she has rescued a Sarcand heretic. With enemies cutting them off, they are forced to enter enemy territory and depend on each other.

Most of what I told you is on the back cover or in the first chapter. I didn't want to give to much away because there's a lot to find out along the way and some real surprises. -- Linda

I liked this one also better than FIREWALK; but I have always liked her writing style. In fact if you think about the basic plot of WATERDANCE it would have worked as a romance just as well. There again I didn't feel a particular connection to Atheris either and thought the heroine (forgot her name) was trying to be a little too tough. I liked the ending though; didn't offer us the usual sugary hea. She has another one out in November called EXILE and I'm wondering if that is a sequel. I guess one main reason I like her books is the sensuality in them; I really like sex in my books. <g> -- Julie

While I thought WATERDANCE was better than FIREWALK, this only means that I thought it was okay. Basically, Logston brings up interesting dark angst-y issues in some of her characters, but I don't think she has the skill to successfully redeem these same characters. I'm thinking of Atheris in particular. Well, at least she's on an upwards trajectory for me.--Preeti

I preferred WATERDANCE to FIREWALK--I do really enjoy novels more if I don't have to keep track of a large cast of characters (especially if many are only marginally developed, if at all).--Kathleen

Really liked this one. Action and romance from beginning to end. The main character was strong and likeable and I enjoyed the swordfighting and the sword play discussions. I would have liked if they had developed the magical systems more, especially since there was two competing ones, but they didn't have much time to sit about comparing spells. I didn't agree with many of their ideas of honor, but I could accept that they held such beliefs and held to them strongly. The ending pulled out an hea, even for such an ill-starred pair. This one was more fluid and coherent than FIREWALK, which it's ostensibly a sequel to. I don't think you need to read FIREWALK at all to enjoy this one. There were some passing references, but nothing that wasn't covered as much as needed in this book.--Rebekah (13 Aug 99)

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