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Anne Logston
book cover

Book 2

Who recommends: Linda, JW, Julie, Margaret
Who discommends: JW

sequel to GUARDIAN'S KEY -- I finished reading EXILE- Anne Logston and thought it was excellent. Even better than her previous books. TGK is the parents' story. The heroine is Neve, daughter of Vanian, Guardian of the Crystal Keep. Neve has spent her life there and is learning to use the magic of the Nexas. Having never really been exposed to the outside world and people, her parents are afraid that as she gains her power, and becomes more powerful, she might become changed and become monstrous. I guess her father had almost become this way and it was only falling in love with her human mother that had changed him.

Neve is sent on a mission away from the keep to travel to the old elf guardians. On the way she becomes involved with Ash, a sailor with a few peculiarities of his own, and has many adventures. She starts out a self-absorbed young lady and slowly learns to care about people instead of using them. Ash and Neve go from respect to becoming casual lovers to coming to care more for each other than they expected. Excellent plot. There was one misunderstanding that occurred toward the end that had them turning to someone else for consolation in a way I didn't like. But it wasn't strung out like it would have been in a romance so it was over before I knew it. And, actually, it made them learn certain things so it wasn't that bad. I highly recommend the book.--Linda (27 Sep 99)

This is a fantasy novel with a romance. Young Neve has lived her entire life in the Crystal Keep, surrounded and sustained by the magic of the Nexus. Now her parents insist that she go out into the world she is little prepared for, sending her to make her way alone to the home of the Keep's creator. During the long and dangerous journey she meets an unusual young sailor who becomes her companion, protector, and lover.

This one seemed very promising. I liked the small, intimate scale (no world-saving missions here) and the single focus (on Neve), and I liked the romantic relationship. Then it all fell apart for me near the end when the pair break up and then come together again, in trivial and unconvincing circumstances both times. It made the romance fail to work for me, which in turn lessened the enjoyment of the novel considerably. Not bad, but not all that wonderful either.--JW(02 Jan 00)

Not as good as GUARDIAN'S KEY but still to be recommended. I'm getting a little sick of main characters from sheltered backgrounds who think they can cope with anything the big, wide world can throw at them. A not uncommon arrogance, particularly among teenagers, but still gets irritating. The romance was OK but not fully convincing.--Margaret (19 Oct 00)

I had to look at my old posts to remember why I'd be on both recommend/discommend. :-) I guess it was because I had mixed feelings; like parts of it but wouldn't recommend it. I wouldn't really not recommend it either. Call me wishy washy.--JW (19 Oct 00)

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