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Mercedes Lackey
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Who recommends: Rebekah, Linda
Who discommends:

This was a novella/novelette packaged as a novel. If you're a Lackey fan and you like cute little odd-sized books, you might want to get it, but otherwise read it at the library. (It's just 120 small pages with big print - you could read it standing in the bookstore if you wanted). It is a good enjoyable story, even if the premise is a bit overdone in Fairy Tale Fantasy -- "Girl who roams free in forest is married against her will to evil anti-forest man then saved by forest friends". Stong romance element and classic Lackey. In fact, I think she has a filk song that this story must be based on, because of the many parallels.--Rebekah (01 May 00)

recommend but wouldn't buy it as a hardback. Cute book.--Linda (17 Oct 00)

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