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Tanya Huff
book cover

Book 1 of the Keeper Chronicles

Who recommends: Preeti, Julie, Robin, JW, Barbara, Laurie, Edith, Shelley, Lynn, Danielle, Kathleen, Margaret, Lori, Leila
Who discommends: Linda

I broke my 3-week non-reading spell by reading Huff's SUMMON THE KEEPER this weekend. A lot of fun, but I considered the writing a quite choppy--it didn't flow. I kept going "huh?" and would have to re-read previous paragraphs/sentences. This is definitely the setup book for a series and I'm really looking forward to the next book(s).--Edith

I laughed at the asides coming from the "mouth of Hell." Now I'm waiting for a sequel....--Kathleen

OK on the whole but I did find the heroine annoying, however the cat almost made up for that. The idea of a hotel for the supernatural was good and I found its guests most amusing.--Margaret (15 Oct 00)

Thoroughly enjoyed.--Leila (08 Jul 01)

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