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Tanya Huff

Quarter series Book 1

Who recommends: JW, Shelley, Rebekah, Lynn, Margaret
Who discommends: Lori, Preeti, Isabel

Great book! It's got to be the first Fantasy I've ever read that really dealt with pregnancy and made it part of the plot, as opposed to happening between the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next.--Rebekah

Part of what bothered me about this book is that we first meet the heroine who has gotten pregnant by a man she met while she was touring around (as a bard). Later, we slowly pick up the fact that she is already involved in a same-sex relationship, and we are supposed to accept that relationship as a lifebond with no questions. I guess if I'd found out about her "permanent" relationship first, and then about her casual ones, I might have been more receptive (not my kind of character--that's part of the problem I had--but I could accept it). But I don't think Huff did a good job of making me believe in that permanent relationship. When I read a book in which the heroine starts off having to deal with the results of another relationship, I expect things to happen subsequently. I don't expect to find out that what happened previously is supposed to supplant what I've already learned.--Lori

Ditto as Lori.--Preeti

I just couldn't bring myself to really like this book. I expect the ideal from my fiction and Annice sleeping around when she is already in a committed relationship just didn't work for me.--Isabel (31 Jul 99)

Another good series but I have felt somewhat cheated about the romance. There was some, but mostly it seemed a little perfunctory as though the author found.--Margaret (15 Oct 00)

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