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Kim Harrison
book cover

Rachel Morgan, Book 3
2005, July, HarperTorch

Who recommends: Shelley
Who discommends:

Kim Harrison's EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD opens with Rachel having to deal with the most pressing problem from the last book - the marks she carries from the deamon who saved her life. The action is pretty much nonstop at that point, and the book introduces some new and interesting characters.

I really enjoy this series and its worldbuilding, e.g., the Hollows as a sort of non-human ghetto and all the laws and customs that go into making a very magically diverse society work.

Rachel not only has to deal with a deamon, she also still needs to make a living and work on her personal relationships. All of this makes for very interesting reading as the secondary characters in these books are very three dimensional. I get totally caught up in wanting to see what next happens to these characters. Even the bad guys are fleshed out. It is also nice that Rachel's character is not even near perfect. She makes mistakes on a regular basis and has to deal with her own messes.

Definite recommend. I will be waiting for the next in the series. Another note: the action elements in EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD were tied up well enough that although I am looking forward to the next book, I was not left with a cliffhanger. You could read this book as a stand alone--Harrison gives enough context to get the gist of why Rachel is in the difficulty she is in--but I thought having read the previous books added to the story.Shelley (11 Sep 05)

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