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Charlaine Harris
book cover

Book 3
2003, May, Ace
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Who recommends: Preeti, Linda, Shelley, Barbara
Who discommends:

CLUB DEAD starts off with Sookie learning that Bill is missing, is in serious trouble, has been unfaithful to her, and is planning to dump her. Yowza! She decides she has to save him anyway and travels to Mississippi with an escort and an entree from a local werewolf named Alcide.

This rough patch in Bill and Sookie's relationship makes CLUB DEAD very much a middle book in a series. Much more than in the previous two books, I was left at the end with a feeling of only getting an intermediate resolution to the story (meaning the immediate problem at hand was resolved, but the bigger relationship and power struggle issues were left tantalizingly unanswered.) Since JW (I think it was) has ranted in the past about Charlaine Harris killing off the heroine's lover in one of her earlier mystery series, I was kept on an unsure footing while reading CLUB DEAD. I mean, Harris is offering Sookie a smorgasboard of sexy men besides Bill. :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, however, despite hating to see it end where it did.--Preeti (14 Apr 03)

Although I still enjoyed Charlaine Harris' CLUB DEAD a lot, I am sooo disappointed in Bill. I do so like Sookie. Don't know if I want Sookie and Bill to get back together or not. I kept hoping to hear his explanation for what he did, but that never happened.

I both liked and didn't like the ending. I liked the decision Sookie made concering Bill, but it certainly leaves us uncertain about her love life. Oh well. I still recommend CLUB DEAD. :-) --Linda (4 May 03)

I enjoyed CLUB DEAD a lot, but it is very much a middle book in a series. It was very fast paced as far as the action went, but definitely left a lot up in the air as far as the relationships. If you are impatient with loose ends, read this one close to the release of the next book.--Shelley (18 May 03)

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