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Elizabeth Hand
book cover

Who recommends: Julie, Catie, Shelly
Who discommends: Barbara, Lori

Wierd. Yes, Romance, and while romance is pivotal in the story, it's a plot device, sorta. I think this one could be a cult classic, just because I'm not sure I got it all.

Set in DC but with enough allusions to magic that it's really fantasy. Story of young college kids just starting out, typical classes, trying out behaviors, hints of magic and then...

Now later in life and we see that everything has been somewhat orchestrated. We have "falling in love" and "loosing love" due to things set in motion years before and "sacrificing everything to make things right once and for all".

Not a keeper.--Barbara

I didn't read the book, only started it, and it just didn't grab me. I think it's one of those slower books that can take a bit of time to get into. But there wasn't anything wrong with it.--Lori

I've read all her books, and you know, I can't tell you why. They're interesting, and beautifully written but they usually let me down in the end. This is the one I liked best of all of them, but I'd say buy it used if you want to try it.--Shelly (31 Jul 99)

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