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Laurell K. Hamilton
book cover

Book 1 of the Meredith Gentry series
2000, October, Del Rey
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Who recommends: Linda, Shelley, Lynn, JW, Laurie, Julie, JW
Who discommends: Preeti, Danielle

I read LKH's KISS OF SHADOWS. Or, rather, I read a majority of it and then just gave up from complete disinterest. The sex was boring after a while, and I just didn't care what was happening to these people. But I'd love to hear from those of you liked the book.--Preeti (13 Oct 00)

I just read KOS. All I can say is, if fey folk that powerful exist, you'd think they'd have more important things to do than have non-stop sex.--Danielle (18 Oct 00)

You can put me down for a high recommendation for this book!! Shows how we all have different tastes here because I loved this book!! Found it totally fascinating.

I found some similarities in the heroine Anita Blake. They were both smart, tough, had a sense of honor and loyalty. Yes, Merry wasn't quite as resistant to sex but that had to do with the outlook of the fey towards it. And still they don't believe in adultry after marriage.

The many different combinations of fey and other creatures was incredible. And like Anita there is an abundance of dangerous, incredible men to choose from. After hearing some of the comments I was half expecting a book of erotica (which I hate) but while there was some close calls and some incredible sex there really wasn't as much as I expected.<g> Really, only about 2 incredible scenes or 3 if you count the one in which they had sex without touching.<LOL>. And of course some close calls.<g> I love Doyle and Frost the most.

Like Anita, Merry who is thought to be weak for an unseelie, slowly begins discovering her magic. And violence wise, if you like her other books, you shouldn't have a problem with this one. Wow!! I could hardly stand to put this down.--Linda (31 Oct 00)

It took me a week to read -- which was really frustrating because I was totally caught and did not want to put it down. I really enjoyed this book. Like Linda said, the heroine does have overtones ofAnita Blake but she had her own agenda. Rather heavy on the sex, but I usually do not see that as a downside <g>. I am rather fascinated by the men, although I find myself hoping Doyle is the final choice. This is a recommend for me and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.--Shelley (2 Nov 00)

Great book, great sex and great sexual tension. I like the story conceit a lot. I've always loved the "modern world America" elves like the Borderland stories and this was a good entry in that kind of book.

My only complaint, and it isn't quite so much a complaint as an observation.

It seemed to me that the book was a little broken in the middle and I would almost suspect that the book we see was originally intended to be the first two books. The transition between "Merry, elf detective and princess in hiding" and "Merry at court" is pretty abrupt.

Essentially, every single character from the first half of the story disappears completely and a whole new cast of characters appears in the second part, which wouldn't be as startling if the characters in the first part weren't so three dimensional and well drawn and important.

But I still loved the book and want more *now*. I gather we will be getting the next Anita and the next Merry at about the same time a year from now.--Lynn (2 Nov 00)

This is the start of her new fantasy series about the fey. Like the Anita Blake books this series has wide appeal for those looking for a dark-edged read. It's full of gore, has loads of sex, contains very little romance (but tons of sexy long-haired fey men!) and is a true guilty pleasure. Merry is the heroine who reminds me a bit too much of Anita Blake for comfort but, hey, who am I to complain? Merry though, unlike Anita, doesn't carry around a whole lot of angst and has a lot more fun (wink, wink) with her fey men (none, of whom can resist her charms) than Anita would ever allow. KOS did lack the razor edged wit of the earlier Anita Blake books but it was still a highly entertaining read and I can hardly wait for the next one. I enjoyed every decadent page and found it much more exciting than OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY which took me nearly four very long weeks to finish (LKH's previous novel in the Anita Blake series).--Laurie (3 Nov 00)I finally got to finish something; KISS OF SHADOWS. I agree with Linda; I loved it. If I'd been expecting a romance I would've been disappointed, but as it is I enjoyed it a great deal. Lots of enticing, wounded men -- and one lone Merry. Isn't it odd that she seems to have had so few female characters to interact with? :-) I am sometimes uncomfortable with the exploration of the attractions of domination and pain (as I am in the Anita Blake books) but am overall too fascinated with the characters and story to let it put me off reading. LKH always leaving me looking forward to the next book, but doesn't leave things hanging to the point where I'm totally pissed off (at least not so far).-JW (9 Nov 00)

I thought KISS OF SHADOWS was definitely intriguing, erotic, and darn fun to read; but sadly again, not SFR.--Julie (22 Jan 01)

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