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Barbara Hambly
book cover

Windrose Chronicles Book 1
1986, Del Rey

Who recommends: Danielle, Catie, Kathleen, JW, Margaret, Linda, Tanya
Who discommends: Shelly

The Silent Tower (1986)
The Silicon Mage (1988)
Dog Wizard (1993)

"A complex tale of dark magic, mystery and deadly danger involving a woman computer programmer who struggles to help a condemned wizard save--or perhaps destroy?--two worlds."

This is the one where you have to read the whole trilogy to get to the HEA, although the love relationship is established by the end of the first book. I love the heroine, Joanna -- she's shy and timid, yet indomitable in the face of danger.--Danielle

Wonderful--I can't recommend this book and its sequels highly enough.--Kathleen

I reread these quite a lot: mainly, again, for the characters, and for that lovely doomed romance that turns out (hurrah!) not to be doomed at all.--Tanya (30 Jul 99)

I just didn't like these. I didn't like the h/h (I don't like timid main characters; I know it's realistic; it just bugs me). I didn't like the evil mage/computer (a la Amber). I thought the ending was a let-down. These just weren't for me.--Shelly (31 Jul 99)

I can't believe anyone recommended THE SILENT TOWER -without- its sequel THE SILICON MAGE. The ending of the first book without the second would be very depressing, for one thing! Put me down as recommending the pair together. I love them.--JW (04 Aug 99)

This is a wonderful book with well-drawn characters. I really enjoyed finding a book where the heroine is a socially inept female computer programmer!--Margaret (20 Mar 00)

Recommended - excellent trilogy--Tanya (19 Oct 00)

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