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Lisa Goldstein
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Who recommends: Catie, Margaret
Who discommends:

What a fabulous book! It is set in the time of Elizabeth I in England. Plots and conspiracies are in the air. Kit Marlowe has turned to spycraft to pay the bills, and Alice Wood a printer's widow is trying to rebuild her life. Oriana the Faerie Queen has brought her host to London to search for her lost son; her search will change their lives. The period is conveyed with verve and joy, the story is fast paced and exciting, and as always with Goldstein there are many levels to be plumbed. This is a book which will stand many readings. And (uniquely perhaps for Goldstein) there is a HEA If you liked Shakespeare in Love you might consider giving this a try...--Catie

I enjoyed this one, as I do most of her books but wouldn't enthuse over it.--Margaret (15 Oct 00)

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