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Doranna Durgin
book cover

Book 1 of Changespell saga

Who recommends: Barbara, Lori, JW, Preeti, Shelley, Lynn
Who discommends:

Dun Lady's Jess is a horse - well on the other world she's a horse, in ours she's a person and not doing too well. Shades of WAR FOR THE OAKS when three friends find her and they start on the mission to find her rider - uh, her owner - uh, whatever. Lots of action and we finally resolve the issue with only a touch of romance - between a horse and human, get real. It's in CHANGESPELL that he comes to realize that his love for his horse - who is now human - is no less real for her being born to a mare. It's in this one that the evil guys catch her and try to figure out how she can change from horse to human. Of course we have to save her.--Barbara

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